Country of Origin: Belgium.
Size: Shoulder height: 24 – 26 inches.

Coat: Is short and straight. Colors can be rich fawn to mahogany, with black-tipped hairs.

Character: This breed is intense, full of energy, serious and smart. It is a great watchdog and guard dog.

Temperament: The Belgian Malinois is wary around strangers and can be aggressive toward other dogs and animals. It is good with children, provided they are not unruly, and it has grown up around them. It should not be left alone with small children if not unsupervised.

Care: Needs to be brushed weekly, especially during shedding.

Training: This dog is sensitive to corrections and learns quickly. Training techniques must be top-notch and corrections must not be harsh.

Activity: A good yard and ample opportunities to use up some of its seemingly inexhaustible energy supply are required. Leisurely walks on leash will not be sufficient.