Country of Origin: United States.
Size: Shoulder height: 22 – 25 inches.

Coat: Is medium – length, close and hard. All possible colors are allowed.

Character: Though traditionally not a house pet, the American Foxhound does well in the home. This dog is tolerant, friendly, and gentle.

Temperament: This breed is at its best with canine or human companionship. It is very sociable, and should not be expected to live alone, although it is usually reserved around strangers..

Care: Occasional brushing is necessary to remove dead hair.

Training: Training should be conducted with a firm, no-nonsense approach.

Activity: Ever the hunter, the American Foxhound is always ready to hit the trail. Daily exercise, preferably a long walk or a jog, is necessary. Allow it to run off a leash, but only in a safe, enclosed area.